About-Radio Plugger Services

About-Radio Plugger Services


Our Profile

Bergstein Entertainment & Company offers local & International representation for signed & unsigned artists! We are a trusted and pro-active radio plugging service that proudly represents our clients music on a professional platform to national media.

We have a successful track record and are professional in servicing music to Commercial, Community, Alternative, In-Flight & In-Store Radio. We also have the facilities in place to distribute audio and video direct and digitally to broadcast and media networks around the globe.


The answer is YES! Bergstein Entertainment & Company is a direct and hands on radio promotions company that is employed by artists and labels alike. Servicing music to radio is what we specialise in. So, if you’re an artist or label and want to say hello, simply call (03) 97466349 or send an email to info@bergsteinentertainment.com and we will gladly assist you further with your enquiry.


Bergstein Entertainment & Company take that major label approach in all our Radio/ Media services, for example:

  • Our Artist & Label Representatives work directly with the artist(s)
  • Our representatives only service a limited amount of artists music at a time (within a campaign period)
  • We are selective with what music we represent
  • We don’t take shortcuts & you are not a number
  • We are experienced in getting songs to radio & we do it right
  • We arrange interviews, follow up on plays and seal as much exposure possible for our clients
  • Maintaining media observance and support through our extensive networks
  • Seeking out further opportunities for our clients within a niche market
  • Joint initiatives to improve further plays / music adds
  • Obtaining set campaign goals
  • Releasing news and relevant information to radio, TV and press


Sure, just like every record label and promoter out there we have to deliver music to radio, but, audio delivery (on its own) is not how you get music added and sadly this is the misconception from audio providers out there.

AUDIO DELIVERY to radio ‘wont get your music added’ by a station. Obviously its cheaper than sending a CD in the mail, but did sending music via post ever get a commercial station to add or play your music? did it set up an interview? follow up on a track? push for further play(s)? NO, audio delivery to radio is no different than sending a CD in the post, the outcome will be no different.

So don’t waste your money on audio to radio delivery services, they simply send your music out with 200 other artists at the same time and sadly, no results. Unfortunately we hear a lot of these experiences with these type of promotion / delivery services.

At Bergstein Entertainment, your music is in good hands. We are passionate, professional, hands on and you can be sure that an experienced representative will be promoting your track direct to the right people, using the right methods and to the appropriate stations suitable to your genre.


Bergstein Entertainment & Company not only services our clients music to national radio/media, we also assist in marketing strategy on vast platforms. Whether the project is large or small, we can cater for all aspects of the artist marketing realm, thinking outside the square with professional advice and strategy within the following fields:

  • Music Servicing (Radio Plugging Service)
  • Video Servicing (TV Plugging Service)
  • Press Servicing
  • Strategic Alliance Representatives
  • Business Advertising Initiatives
  • Product Marketing
  • Special Events
  • Direct Client Public Relations
  • Public/Media correspondence on behalf of clients


Bergstein Entertainment & Company music services are a well respected and notable radio plugging service within the broadcast networks. We proudly service great music to all Commercial/ Community/ Alternative radio networks Nationwide. We also service music to commercial radio networks in the UK/ USA/ Germany/ Canada/ New Zealand and more.


Bergstein Entertainment & Company video services proudly service great music video clips to all Commercial / Alternative and independent broadcasting networks nationally. In Australia we distribute video clips to Channel V, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, ABC, Southern Cross Regional Ten, MTV, Nightlife, Stingray, Mood Media, Foxtel, Instore, In-flight, SBS Online Broadcasters (Ie, Yahoo, MCM, Nine MSN) and many more including all the digital stations as well.


Email Us today for a quote and to find out more about our promotional services.

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